Shin Guards


Mightyfist Polyurethane Semi-Contact Sparring Shin Gear

High quality, lightweight, durable wrap around shin protectors provides excellent protection.

Shin Guards for sparring at tournaments or at club.

Approved for ITF Taekwon-Do events.



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Shin gear length:

Small = 25 cm (Kids 5-8 years approx)

Medium = 30 cm (Kids 9-12 approx)

Large = 33 cm (Youth and adults)

SPARRING BUNDLE: Get all your sparring gear at once and save $40!
  • Boots $70,
  • Gloves $70,
  • Headgear $99,
  • Shin-pads $39,
  • Mouthguard $10 – total $288

*Groin guard for men included free (let us know the size)

Sparring bundle gets you all this gear for only $248.
Simply add these items to the shipping cart and use Coupon Code “sparring-bundle” at checkout.

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Small (5-8 years), Medium (9-12 years), Large (Adults)

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