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ITF Taekwon-Do competitors and practitioners all over the world are now wearing Mightyfist doboks and equipment.
Superior quality doboks & equipment.
Manufactured especially for New Zealand

Mightyfist is now available in New Zealand

Sole Distributor for NZ

Mightyfist New Zealand supplies clubs and individuals throughout New Zealand with Mightyfist Products.

We also look forward to supporting the New Zealand Team in their quest to become champions again in 2021.

Our Goals

  • To bring the best technology to market
  • To create the best products for ourselves and everyone else to wear
  • To serve and support our ITF
  • To provide the best customer service and delivery times
  • To help you become champions!
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The Choice of Masters

Master Paul McPhail only wears Mightyfist Doboks.

An 8th degree black belt and member of the ITF Technical Committee,  Master Paul McPhail tours the world teaching only in Mightfist Doboks.

Whether it be the light and cool Matrix in the summer or the heavier fabric of the new Onyx, both uniforms provide him with a non-iron, super convenient uniform for travelling and teaching.

Overseas or at home teaching at Warrior TKD or Paul M Papakura, Master McPhail only wears Mightyfist.

If you also want the best quality uniform available, order a Mightyfist, ITF Approved dobok today.

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