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MIGHTYFIST single wrap ITF belts.

Available in colours yellow, green, blue and red – 160, 180, 200 and 220cm.

Black and junior black belts available in 180, 200 and 220 sizes.

NEW: Mini-Kids belts 9th Gup Yellow, 9th Gup Green, 9th Gup Blue, 9th Gup Red and 9th Gup Black.

We also have stripes available: Colour stripes for mini-kids, Kubz and Gup grades: white, yellow, green, blue, red and black. Each roll is 10m – enough for 50 stripes. (Prefer a different mix of the colours? Let us now).

A 160cm belt is suitable for small kids, 180 for bigger kids, 200 or 220 for adults. If unsure, measure your current belt before ordering.


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The single wrap belt goes once around the waist.  One (as in once around the waist) symbolises:

1. Pursue one goal whatsoever, once it has been determined (Ohdoilkwan)
2. Serve one master with unshakable loyalty (Ilpyondanshim)
3. Gain a victory in one blow (Ilkyokpilsung)

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Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Black, Junior Black, Mini-Kids Yellow, Mini-Kids Green, Mini-Kids Blue, Mini-Kids Red, Mini-Kids Black, Stripes


160, 180, 200, 220, 6 rolls (one of each or your choice of colours)

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